Nomen est omen

Then, on the 10th of July 2016, our daughter was born. We named her Lavinia Felise Alma and she really is the sweetest baby. She looked at us intensely from the moment she was born and smiled her first smile in week five. And, I’m hesitating to say this to other new parents, but she already sleeps through the night. Whether it’s because I sleep well (hallelujah), that it’s number two, a girl or that I’m experiencing less stress this time: I’m really enjoying motherhood. She keeps taking me back to NOW and instead of the big whirlwind after the birth of my son, I now just feel gratitude for the happiness she brings. It’s like a switch has been turned (possibly under the influence of hormones) but I feel less stressed. It’s so very important to enjoy these golden years when the children are small, it flies by so fast. It makes all the other stuff less important. Everything that seems so important in the outside world. I try to be less critical towards myself. I feel like I have to do and achieve so many things and sometimes I feel overwhelmed by everything I demand from myself. Sometimes […]