Boekentip: The List Vol. 1

Inmiddels ben ik 25 weken zwanger (van een meisje maar liefst) en komt er van heel veel woeste plannen voor AURORA weinig terecht. Ik heb een aantal projecten lopen, waar ik me nu volledig op richt en de rest van 2016 is bestemd voor mijn zwangerschap en bevalling. Ook probeer ik voor nog meer focus in de toekomst te zorgen door nu al een aantal business doelen te bepalen voor 2017. Hier heb ik een business coach voor in de hand genomen. De eerste sessie vond ik behoorlijk pittig omdat eruit naar voren kwam dat alle bezwaren (en beren op de weg) vooral in mijn eigen hoofd zitten. Ik ben, met andere woorden, zelf degene die de boel saboteert als het gaat om het verwezenlijken van mijn Grote Droom. Ehum. In ieder geval worden de drie pijlers van AURORA de komende tijd nog strakker vormgegeven: uitgeven, trends & spiritualiteit. Alles wat ik doe is dus te vangen onder een van deze drie pijlers (en er bestaat natuurlijk een gezonde overlap). Dit zal ik de komende tijd nog wat meer gaan uitwerken met vaste blogonderwerpen zoals boekrecensies (waarvan akte), praktische informatieblogs over uitgeven & schrijven, spirituele inspiratieblogs en blogs over interessante […]

Magazine madness #5: LULA

I guess Lula magazine stands out as one of my favorite magazines to swoon by. It’s really a homage to girls, their tenderness and innocence and of course their beauty. It’s a pastel dream filled with beautiful photo’s. Besides that they have a keen eye for typography and their lay-out design is the best. For the latest issue Damon Heath photographed the cover story (they always make three covers to choose from), he has a particular style and eye for photographing the Lula girl so he is one of their regular photographers. I think he especially nailed the Lula aesthetic in the shoot with Hannah Holman, a beautiful American model. Here are some of them. In another post I will pay attention to the actual magazine itself, but I just had to feature these beautiful shots. {Hannah Holman photographed by Damon Heath for Lula / Chanel – Emporio Armani / Miu Miu }

Frankfurt Buchmesse 2012

Finally I feel well enough to write a new blogpost, after Frankfurt (or maybe at Frankfurt) I caught the flu so I was ill last week and let me tell you: it has been a long time since I coughed so much… I probably bruised my ribs. But, let’s forget about unpleasantries and focus on nice things in stead! Here are some pics from the Buchmesse, I tried to give an impression of the feel of the place (and of course of some nice books / projects).   {1. Chronicle Books stand / 2. Coffee outside / 3. Granta & Portobello Books catalogue / 4. Harper Collins stand / 5. Children’s book illustration / 6. View of the messe hallen / 7. The Phaidon Archive of Graphic Design one of Phaidon’s latest releases / 8. Nice dome just outside hall 9-11 -I only discovered this corner of the Messe this year!- / 9. Girl in costume on one of the days when the Fair is open to public (German youth come to dress up like their favorite book / cartoon character).

Magazine madness #4: BLISS

I have to confess I’m a true Etsy addict. I love browsing and looking at all the different treasuries. I love the uniqueness, the handmade and vintage vibe. On one of my Etsy-hunts as I like to call them, I stumbled upon Bliss. Bliss is an initiative of fellow Dutchie Hanke Arkenbout and essentially is a magazine about photographers and their motivation. It highlights some of their work combined with an interview; a simple but elegant formula. The thing about Bliss is that it features mostly young novice and more experienced photographers from all over the world which makes for an interesting blend. The magazine also is beautifully designed and features really promising photo’s. It really is a labor of love. Make sure to buy a copy of Bliss here, not just because it’s worthwhile to do so, but also because these kind of initiatives need all the encouragement they can get!   {The spreads from Bliss #2 feature work from Slovakian photographer Zuzana Mitosinkova and the Australian artist / photographer Kristie Webster }

Magazine madness #3: RIKA

Whenever I’m in Amsterdam and have a chance I always stop by the Rika Boutique. The label is incredibly popular, even with big Hollywood celebs I understand, but before I knew all that I already was a fan of her strong, basic, elegant style. I also love her trademark bags with the stars (also before I knew these were the most sought after). I have a knack for finding the trends you know… The label is high end so a bag is not something you would buy in a whim, however they do have an outlet store opposite the boutique. There I recently found one of my treasure of treasures: a large pink bag with the signature Rika stars. Above the outlet you can stay in Maison Rika: a guesthouse completely styled by Ulrika Lundgren herself and to my surprise and huge joy I even found a magazine called (you guessed it): RIKA. If you don’t have a copy you must get one, it’s truly a work of art and encompasses the Rika-style perfectly.   {Rika Magazine Spring-Summer 2012 – No. 6 / I bought Rika at Athenaeum, but I also saw the magazine at the AKO Amsterdam CS}

~ Magazine madness #1 ~

I love reading. My first love are books (which is why I’m into publishing) but nowadays I also love reading inspiring blogs and beautiful magazines. I think there’s nothing like the perfect combination of image and text, but I also love the feel and smell of paper which is why I don’t think actual books will disappear. I would love to share some of my online and offline magazine inspiration. Unfortunately not every magazine is available in Holland, but if you can get your hands on one abroad please do! You won’t regret it! In “real” magazine heaven I like The Gentlewoman magazine: “a biannual magazine for modern women of style and purpose“. It celebrates women and their accomplishments in beautiful photography, interviews and inspirational articles. Another great read is Australian based Frankie magazine, an eclectic blend of art, fashion, pretty photography, interesting reads and real stories of real people. Like another one of my favorite magazines, they also create spin-off publication which you can buy at their shop. {The Gentlewoman issue 1 cover with Phoebe Philo with spreads from issue 5 Tilda Swinton styled by Jonathan Kaye, photographed by Benjamin Alexander Huseby} {Frankie cover issue 47 – Frankie also offers a digital version}